Spring Clean Your Energy

The arrival of spring brings a change in our energies and how we face the world. Moving  

with this change of season mindfully will ease us into this time of renewal and allow deep rejuvenation to occur.

Setting aside some time to tune in, to gently take stock of how you’re feeling and to identify where you may feel stuck or heavy is a great way to allow this season of change to unfold. You may use meditation, mindfulness practices or exercise as your vehicle for tuning in…what ever you choose, its the continuing commitment to take the time that will yield the result you seek.

To support your process I recommend an energetic spring clean! Gentle movement followed by a clearing meditation to realign and refresh as you move into spring…and we have just the thing!

Join us for a nurturing, gentle workshop for tuning in, clearing and cleansing body mind and soul. Information and tickets are available via our FaceBook page.

Duration: 1 hour (adults) - $110

Using a combination of non-invasive assessments & complete medical history we identify a suitable program of support tailored to your individual needs. This program of support may include Nutritional supplements, Herbal remedies, Dietary advice, Homeopathic remedies.