Mindfulness in May

The month of May is upon us – already! It feels as though 2019 is rocketing along at a swift pace and it’s leaving many of us wondering where time has disappeared too?

So now feels like a perfect time to encourage a focus on Mindfulness…using our intention to focus our attention on the present moment and slow things down.

Throughout the month we will be offering up a variety of tips and tricks for maintaining a mindful approach to life…and challenging you to participate in simple effective practices on a regular basis.

Regular mindful activities such as meditation are proven to reduce your stress responses, allowing your body a break from the biochemical stress soup that leads us to fatigue, inflammation and chronic un-wellness. These practice sessions can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and still be highly effective.

If you lack the motivation to find the time each week for some mindfulness you may find attending a group session gives you the support you need. Guided mindfulness sessions may consist of meditation, breath awareness or even gentle movement such as Qi Gong or Yoga. Variety will keep you interested and inspired to continue…and sharing the experience with a friend or family member will add to the sense of support.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for ideas and information to get you started…and check out our class times on the Yoga page for details of group sessions throughout May.

Have a happy mindful May!

Duration: 1 hour (adults) - $110

Using a combination of non-invasive assessments & complete medical history we identify a suitable program of support tailored to your individual needs. This program of support may include Nutritional supplements, Herbal remedies, Dietary advice, Homeopathic remedies.