Happy 2020!

The start of a new year brings with it a sense of optimism for what the future holds…and possibly a wish for something new and better to enter our lives. You may even be considering the changes you would like to make for your health and well-being as we move into a new decade.

Allow the dust of the silly season settle and then spend some time reflecting on the changes you would like to see…more time for you, a better work-life balance, a healthier eating plan, getting more exercise…whatever appeals to you… now is the time to make the change!

Although you are the only one who can make these changes happen…you don’t have to make them happen alone. In fact, finding support in the form of like minded people will make your desired changes happen with a sense of purpose and flow.

Find a class, visit a practitioner…get some advice from from a caring professional that is tailored to your unique, individual circumstances and watch 2020 unfold…with you being the best you can be!

We offer services to guide and support you along the way…from health consultations to yoga and meditation classes…physical therapies to women’s support groups….we have something for everyone.

We would love to help you make 2020 the best year yet!

Happy New Year!

Duration: 1 hour (adults) - $110

Using a combination of non-invasive assessments & complete medical history we identify a suitable program of support tailored to your individual needs. This program of support may include Nutritional supplements, Herbal remedies, Dietary advice, Homeopathic remedies.