Collagen – Where Does it Come From?

One of the latest trends in the wellbeing world is the supplementation of collagen. This stuff is great for your skin, nails and and even your digestive health…and it’s reported effects are a good example of beauty coming from within.

But where does the collagen in your collagen supplement come from?

Typically, collagen supplement boosters are sourced from animals…the most common being cows and poultry…and after that seafood. Vegetarian supplements source their collagen from eggs. There is no direct source of collagen that is vegan

I believe it is vital that we know what we are consuming if we are choosing to supplement anything – be it herbal or nutritional…it’s  a matter of consuming safely and consciously. 

So before you reach for that scoop of powdery collagen goodness, stop and consider some dietary options available to you to boost the collagen you already produce naturally…

  • Red vegetables such as tomatoes contain an antioxidant called Lycopene which protects the skin from damage while increasing collagen levels.
  • Dark green vegetables are rich in Vitamin C which will rev up your collagen production and protect you against free radicals… helping to prevent weak collagen. 
  • Orange vegetables are rich in Vitamin A and C and also beta-carotene, which restores and regenerates damaged collagen. 
  • Berries scavenger free radicals while simultaneously increasing collagen levels. 
  • Slow cooking organic, free ranges cuts of meat that are still on the bone and consuming this in moderation will provide a boost to your minerals, gelatin and collagen.

So regularly consuming a healthy, balanced diet with a good array of fresh foods and home cooked meals should meet many of your body’s nutritional requirements. Supplementation of any kind is really only indicated if you have obvious symptoms of a deficiency (ie: Vitamin D3) or if you are working to improve the responsiveness and health of your body’s systems – such as the immune system or nervous system.

For assistance with smart supplementing for your individual needs contact your local Naturopath ot Herablist.

Duration: 1 hour (adults) - $110

Using a combination of non-invasive assessments & complete medical history we identify a suitable program of support tailored to your individual needs. This program of support may include Nutritional supplements, Herbal remedies, Dietary advice, Homeopathic remedies.