The Benefits Of Bowen Therapy


The current generation is plagued with multiple health issues, ranging from the physical to the mental and emotional. Finding a treatment that would help address all these issues at once seems next to impossible. Bowen therapy could be the answer! If you are in Mandurah and want to try Bowen Therapy, you can contact Divine … Read more

Mindfulness in May

Mindfulness in May

The month of May is upon us – already! It feels as though 2019 is rocketing along at a swift pace and it’s leaving many of us wondering where time has disappeared too? So now feels like a perfect time to encourage a focus on Mindfulness…using our intention to focus our attention on the present … Read more

What Does A Naturopath Do For Acne?

What is acne? Acne, a condition of the skin that takes place when the hair follicles get choked with dead skin cells and oil. If the glands become clogged, they lead to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, which typically appears on the forehead, face, chest, upper shoulders and back. Effects of acne The blackheads, pimples, and … Read more

2019 And the New You!


Happy 2019! It’s a funny thing how the start of a new year can be the motivating force behind making positive changes in our lives…new diet, new hairstyle, finding a better work-life balance. At the start of a new year it feels like anything is possible! The question is how do we maintain the focus and make these … Read more

Christmas Food Drive

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The run up to Christmas can bring with it a focus on those in our community for whom this is a difficult time. Social, financial or health issues can be among the reasons for such difficulty…and the giving aspect of the season calls us to offer what we can to assist. Our charity of choice at … Read more

Collagen – Where Does it Come From?


One of the latest trends in the wellbeing world is the supplementation of collagen. This stuff is great for your skin, nails and and even your digestive health…and it’s reported effects are a good example of beauty coming from within. But where does the collagen in your collagen supplement come from? Typically, collagen supplement boosters are sourced from … Read more

Spring Clean Your Energy


The arrival of spring brings a change in our energies and how we face the world. Moving   with this change of season mindfully will ease us into this time of renewal and allow deep rejuvenation to occur. Setting aside some time to tune in, to gently take stock of how you’re feeling and to identify where … Read more

Spring Time Spring Clean Ideas


September is here heralding the start of Spring- and whilst the days are still invigoratingly fresh, we can see new life blossoming all around. So time to start thinking about how you can embrace this seasonal change for self rejuvenation and renewal. I would suggest starting with focus on the fuel you’re running on…adding some fresh veges and eating a … Read more